Causeway’s current projects

Traineeship Program

We developed and continue to manage an in-house traineeship program for State Theatre Company SA. Now into its second year, this program is creating pathways for future theatre workers where there is currently a major skills shortage.

National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant

Bringing Father Christmas to South Australia is no easy feat, especially in current times.

Last year we were pleased to help make this special event happen at Adelaide Oval.

We’ve started working with the elves again this year to bring him back safely once again.

Festival of Orchestra – Adelaide Symphony Orchestra

This event has something for everyone, and we’re currently working with the ASO to bring it to life.

See the FOFO program here:

In Development

We currently have four new projects in development.

While we can’t talk about them publicly just yet, we’re in the process of bringing on some financial partners. If you’re interested in partnering with us, please get in touch.

Causeway’s Previous Projects

Still Point of a Turning World

by Carte Blanche, August & September in association with Causeway Projects

To be presented in the 2021 DreamBIG Children’s Festival.

“I just wanted to remind you that right now we are on a planet that is hurtling through endless space.”

As our world turns faster and faster, there is a still place for us to slow down, reflect and wonder. Explore how we shape, and are shaped by, the world around us.

19-28 May 2021 at the Queen’s Theatre

For school bookings or more information: DreamBIG Children’s Festival

Lobethal Bulk Foods

What started as a small community group quickly bloomed into something much larger. We’ve now turned it into a self-sustaining business. Now our customers can shop conveniently, ethically and with low waste.

More information: Lobethal Bulk Foods

Illuminate Adelaide

A new festival is lighting up Adelaide next winter. We were pleased to be working with them to get started on this luminous spectacular.

More information: