Don’t let your idea fly by

Having an idea is wonderful. Putting it into action is daunting.

I had an idea that kept at my brain like a fly at a picnic. I kept waving it away but it returned constantly, buzzing in my ear.

How could I make the buzzing go away? I tried ignoring it, but the buzz just annoyed me more. I tried swatting it, but it just grew bigger and more invasive.

There was nothing left to do but try and work it into my life. What could I do to enable this fly of an idea, rather than avoid it? I contacted someone who could help make this idea a reality. Maybe that would be enough. I had taken action, it could leave me alone now.

The phone started ringing. Daily offers to make this idea happen. Offers from community, government, kids, institutions. Rather than shoo that fly away, it’s now carrying me forward to something great.

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